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The Mountain Spirit Team

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As mountain guides, ski instructors and tour guides we are at home in the Alps and the mountains of the world. All experiences and adventures are reflected in our touring, training and travel program. There are many aspects of a mountain guide's work and the biographies in our team are as varied as the different areas of expertise. Instructors and examiners in mountain guide training, expedition leaders and mountaineers on the highest mountains in the world or scientific staff members in research on snow and avalanches are further experiences that we can draw on in our team. There is one thing we all have in common - enthusiasm for the mountains and our profession.

We want to share this passion with you and a happy smile on the summit or a bright grin after a powder run is the greatest praise for us as an adventure guide.

As professional mountain guides, we have a high level of expertise, which enables us to keep a cool head and make the right decisions even in critical situations. This means safety for our guests.

By professionalism we understand to keep the self-imposed quality criteria through regular further training and constant monitoring of our own actions.


Felix Berktold

Martin Schmidt

Peter Küpper

Florian Behnke

Dirk Groeger

Ralf Eggart

Reiner Pickl

Thomas Exner

Herbert Wolf

Maia Stoilova

Christoph Dietzfelbinger

Gregor Arndt

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