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Off-piste skiing lessons | Zugspitze Garmisch | Pitztal Glacier

Powder skiing feels like flying, only so much better!
What looks so easy from the outside is of course the result of intensive practice and many off-piste runs. For over 20 years we have been teaching off-piste skiing techniques aiming to give you the feeling of floating. The instructor team consists of experienced specialists who first analyse your technique and then guide you to success with the right exercises and advice. The old saying "no effort - no price" sounds trite, but it hits the point. The right choice of exercises, exact corrections and appropriate repetitions bring success. Whether you want to leave the confined ski room for the first time or have been off-piste or touring for years, we have the right course and instructor for every level.

"Highlights & Facts"

  • Including freeride skis from SALOMON for every event on loan (QST 92,99,106)
  • Small groups, max. 6 participants and homogeneous groups
  • Ski instructor and mountain guide with additional qualification
  • 1 overnight stay near Zugspitzbahn included (double or single room, breakfast)
  • We are a certified professional ski school in the German Ski Instructors Association (DSLV).
  • Structured course structure, proven teaching methodology, functional ski technique
  • Over 25 years of teaching experience in deep snow and freeride courses
  • Precise feedback and training tips for independent practice after the course
  • Video analysis (pictures and films will be sent to each participant after the course)
  • Introduction to the avalance device and emergency equipment
  • Practical terrain and avalanche awareness teaching during the course

Courses for all levels of ability

Beginners learn | Advanced improve | Experts refine

Off-piste course at the Pitztal glacier

The Pitztal is one of the most original side valleys of Tyrol and the highest skiing area in Austria. Varied skiing terrain in a high-alpine ambience offers a truly unique start to the winter season. The family-run Hotel Gundolf, in the immediate vicinity of the valley station, offers the ideal setting for this event.

  • Attendees: 6
  • Country: Austria
  • Difficulty:Schwierigkeitsstufe
  • Duration : 3 Days
Price from: 599 €
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Deep snow courses Basic / Zugspitze

Basic course for beginners and slightly advanced all terrain skiers with our proven deep snow methodology.
Excellent practice terrain and the best snow conditions on Germany's highest ski area.

  • Attendees: 4-6 pro Skilehrer
  • Country: Bayern
  • Difficulty:Schwierigkeitsstufe
  • Duration : 2 Days
Price from: 269 €
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Advanced off-piste course / Zugspitze

Advanced course to improve the powder technique for advanced and safe off piste riders. Ideal for preparation for freeride destinations and more demanding ski tours. We train in changing types of snow and terrain.

  • Attendees: 4-6
  • Country: Bayern
  • Difficulty:Schwierigkeitsstufe
  • Duration : 2 Days
Price from: 269 €
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Expert off-piste course / Zugspitze

You want to work on your freeriding technique and improve your driving style. We try different radii and positions on the ski. Just as important as a good technique is the right feeling for the terrain and the eye for the perfect line.

  • Attendees: 4-6
  • Country: Bayern
  • Difficulty:Schwierigkeitsstufe
  • Duration : 2 Days
Price from: 269 €
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Course categorization

Basic course: From the slopes to the off-piste, for beginners with little or no previous knowledge.
Advanced course: Extending and improving deep snow technique for safe all terrain skiers and ski touring enthusiasts.
Expert course: Improvement of your deep snow and freeride technique at the highest level, for experienced off-piste enthusiasts.

Which course category is right for me?

It is possible to change the course group again after the first descents and to change into a group corresponding to the performance level. If necessary, the groups can be reassembled by the instructor. Prerequisite for all courses is a safe parallel turn on red and black slopes.

Terrain map

Definition: Freeriding and deep snow skiing

  • Freeriding is the sport in which the aim is to ride a certain line as perfectly as possible in the terrain without a stopover. It can either be a short flank, a couloir or a whole mountain. Classical competitions are for example the "Freeride World Tour" which is held in different disciplines (ski, snowboard).
  • Deep snow skiing is generally understood as off-piste skiing. The terrain is selected according to the skier's technical ability and snow conditions.
  • A deep snow course is about learning or improving the deep snow technique. Depending on the course level, we select the terrain and the type of snow.

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Equipment rental

At our courses you have the opportunity to try out the latest freeride skis from Salomon. Please include when booking a course. We provide avalanche emergency equipment, (avalanche devices, shovels and probes) free of charge. ABS backpacks can be ordered when registering. Your guide will take everything to the meeting point.
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